Needs Assessment & Evaluation

District PracticesAs part of the CREATE initiative, Wisconsin school districts that have been identified as having significant disproportionality needs will be invited to assemble a team to complete a needs assessment on district practices that affect students of different backgrounds.
New and returning district teams will meet on April 27, at the Pre-Conference session of the CREATE Conference in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The district needs assessment team will identify practices and policies that may be contributing to disproportionality. Based on the needs identified in the assessment, the district team will make recommendations for future professional development offerings.

GOALS for April 27,
1. Review the District Needs Assessment Rubric Ratings (completed in June )
2. Determine District Needs Assessment Rubric Ratings and priority rank Focus Areas
3. Gain a better understanding about the entire CREATE project and how the April 28 conference opportunities and on-going professional development activities relate to the Focus Areas and the District’s Comprehensive Disproportionality Improvement Plan
4. Time to work with team members on -10 activities and plan for activities

Please review the Pre-Conference letter which provides additional conference details. If your district is not participating in the needs assessment, you may find this NCCRESt rubric helpful in identifying gaps and barriers to student learning in your district. Use it to begin a conversation among your educators, administrators, district leaders and elected officials.

Summary Available: District Needs Assessment Summary of Activities for -09 / -10.


District Improvement Plans will now be required to be submitted using this website. Districts will access the website by applying for and using a Username and Password. The District Needs Assessment Log-In will re-open April 15, .


The DPI will use the Needs Assessment information to design technical assistance and staff development activities throughout the year to assist the districts in their improvement goals and needs. The Comprehensive District Improvement Plan will fulfill the district's reporting requirements to DPI regarding Indicator 9 and 10.

Updated 4.7.

Kampa, Mary
Project Coordinator