The Consortium on Racial Equity in PK-12 Education in Wisconsin

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Combining the Insight of Courageous Conversation with the Power of Systemic Equity Leadership


The Consortium on Racial Equity in PK–12 Education in Wisconsin combines the insight of Courageous Conversation with the power of Systemic Equity Leadership to assist six districts, 10 CESAs, and the DPI in analyzing their systems and exercising leadership to eliminate racial disparities. In our delivery of the Consortium program, we blend critical race theory with proven strategies for adult learning. 
The Wisconsin Consortium is one of several Consortia created and delivered by Pacific Educational Group Inc. and West Wind Education Policy Inc. 
**Please note that the Beyond Diversity Seminar scheduled November 9-10 has been cancelled. Reference the CREATE calendar page for further information. Thank you.**


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Bonnin, Erin
CREATE Asst. Coordinator
Dunlap, Ronald
CREATE Coordinator
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Consortium on K-12 Racial Equity in Wisconsin