Luminaria Award

On February 16-17 the Equity Alliance at Arizona State University presented the Leadership for Excellence and Equity Forum in Phoenix Arizona. Educators, policy makers, students, parents, advocacy groups, and community members gathered to share current research and best practices about building and strengthening systems of educational equity. Areas of focus included civil and educational rights, disproportionality in special education, school-family partnerships, organizing schools for inclusive education, and more.

This 2-day forum brought educators around the country together to share their work, build coalitions for equity, and learn from each other .During the day two luncheon awards were given in recognition of a community organization, a school district, a state and an individual who have displayed noteworthy accomplishments in promoting equity, access, participation and outcomes for all students.

Donna Hart-Tervalon Ph.D., a consultant on the special education team and co-chair of the WDPI Disproportionality Workgroup, received the individual Luminaria Award for displaying outstanding state and national level "Leadership for Equity and Excellence".